New Release + Review: Darkest Lies by Bella Shay

Title: Darkest Lies
Series: Deadly Secrets Series #1
Author: Bella Shay
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Dark Romance
Release Date: June 12, 2021

The truth hurts, but lies are deadly.
Ten years ago, my world was ripped apart and intertwined with a man I had never met.
Now, someone’s threatening the freedom I so desperately want after a decade of suffering.
Pushed to relive my mother’s death and dig up the truth for answers, I discover more than a few lies. Starting with the man responsible.
Or so I thought…
I have to decide how far I’m willing to go for the truth and what I’m willing to sacrifice. Happiness? Love? My life?
I served ten years for a crime I didn’t commit.
All to protect my brother.
But when the survivors of the atrocity suddenly start dying, a detective offers me a chance at redemption by helping him save who’s left.
I’ll have to face the people that my brother’s crimes haunt.
Including Devyn.
A girl I should avoid but can’t seem to resist.
The harder I try to pull away, the more we collide together.
All I ever wanted was to protect those I cared about, but all I’ve ever done is to fail them, repeatedly.
Now, failure is not an option. I won’t let innocent people die over my mistakes again.
This is an emotionally-dark romantic suspence novel. It contains situations that some readers might find offensive or triggering. Recommended for 18+ readers because of adult content and language.
4 stars HeatherOk call me intrigued… Have you ever watched a suspenseful mystery movie or tv show and feel like you have it all figured out? You are sitting there piecing the clues together and just know that you know who did what and why? Then all of a sudden BAM what you think you know you really don’t? I will say this book was choked full of those kind of surprises for me. I thought for sure I knew the who, what, why, where, & how of everything.
Our two main characters have a intertwined history with one another because of an event that took place a few years prior. Elliot and Devyn both need each other even if they really shouldn’t go down that road. They both have had some rough times and really deserve to find their HEA. Elliot has been locked away for years and he is out and in need of some answers. Question is will he like the answers to the questions he has. Devyn is a young naive woman who just needs someone.
If you are in need of a good read that will take you on a ride please grab a copy of Bella Shay’s Darkest Lies. It is one of those books where you will be taken down a twisted road.
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Bella Shay is a new author from a small town in West Virginia where she lives with her husband and their two psycho puppies. She loves happily ever afters but makes her characters earn them. Bella loves all things supernatural and enjoys learning about space and the ocean. She speaks fluid memes and has a gif for every occasion.







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