New Release: Doctor Trouble by E.M. Shue

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Doctor Trouble by E.M. Shue is now LIVE!


One Click Doctor Trouble by E.M. Shue now!!

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About Doctor Trouble


I celebrated my 21st birthday in style by losing my V-card to the hottest man I’ve ever met. But I didn’t realize how much trouble I would be in. How much my body would want him. With no room for romance in my life, I snuck out the next morning sure I’d never see him again.

But then my one-night stand shows up we’re I least expected him. He’s the new head of ER in my town where I’m a paramedic. And when Dr. Trouble sets his sights on me, he wants more than I can give. I can’t stretch myself that thin, not when I have younger siblings to care for and an addict brother to keep drug-free.

So what’s the good doctor do? He demands my submission. He demands my will and my body. But our hospital has a no-fraternization policy. What the hell am I going to do?

The doctor is ready to see you now. The paramedic is ready to treat you. Come hang out with the Doctors of Eastport General. Award-winning author E.M. Shue gives you a new erotic romance with the action you expect and love.

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Meet E.M. Shue

Writer, wife, mother of three girls, doggie mom to one, and doggie grandma to four. This multi-published award-winning author likes her whiskey Irish, her chocolate dark and her hockey hard hitting. She’s an avid reader and you can find her Kindle packed full of all sub-genres of romance. When she isn’t writing action-adventure, suspense, and strong woman she’s spending time with her family exploring Alaska.

She’s currently writing several series and standalones in multiple sud-genres of romance all are hot & steamy and action-packed.

Four of her books have won the Colorado RWA Beverley contest, Sniper’s Kiss in 2018 for Suspense, Angel’s Kiss in 2019 for Contemporary, Accidentally Noah in 2020 for Suspense, and Zeke’s Choice in 2021 for Suspense, while many others were finalists in this same contest.

E.M.’s favorite saying is don’t piss her off she’ll write you into a book and kill you off in a new and gory way.

Join Surprises from E.M. to be kept up to date on all her new releases and appearances.

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