Blog Tour: Dual Nature by Elizabeth Knight


We’re on tour with Dual Nature by Elizabeth Knight!

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Download your copy of Dual Nature by Elizabeth Knight today!


About Dual Nature

I’m a killer.

A trained and skilled assassin, and I’ve never missed a target.

My newest hit is human, a New York socialite, with a reputation for keeping supernatural beings as pets. Caging them and performing unspeakable acts on them. Even the United Senate wants her dead. Which is where I come into play. I’m given the contract for killing her.

Only nothing goes to plan. In the midst of a violent and bloody attack, I’m bitten by a wolf. An omega, who’s the complete opposite of me, in everything. By the laws of the Senate, I’m no longer a human or an assassin. I’m a werewolf.

Dual natured, my life will never be the same. I need to quickly learn how to balance my years of experience as a detached killer with my new submissive side. The side that needs the care and nurturing of my pack.

Colt, Lane, Zander, Morgan, Noah, and Elias are my new Alphas and Betas. They run the largest Tennessee wolf pack. They treat me like I’m a rare, and precious wolf, but it’s in my nature to fight my own battles. Danger is coming at me from all sides. I need to claim my place and accept who I am while trusting them with the truth of who I used to be.

Book 1 of the Omega Assassin Series

This is a reverse harem which means that the lady does not choose between her men she gets them all. The main character is an assassin and does kill people throughout this book. This is a fast burn series with possessive alphas who go through rut and omega in heat. Dual Nature is an 18+ book that has strong language, sexual situations, physical & verbal abuse with brief dub-con (not involving the main character) and ends on a cliffhanger.

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About Elizabeth Knight

Elizabeth is originally from Illinois but is now living in the sunny Phoenix AZ. Though she is newer to publishing, Elizabeth has been writing for nine years. She started out in YA Fiction but recently found herself loving the Reverse Harem genre. Like her favorite books, Elizabeth loves to write strong women of all varieties. Not all strength is flashy or apparent at first glance—some lies just under the surface.

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