Blog Tour + Review: City Of Sin by WJ Saunders

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When you play by Vegas rules, you win or die…

Shadow is a contract killer for an agency that does not accept failure, sent to Las Vegas to kill Selene Van’Doren he figures she’ll be an easy mark. That is, until the moment his finger is on the trigger and he finds himself staring into the eyes of a ghost, a woman he once loved desperately who was supposed to have died years ago.

Selene survived the worst kind of hell and has risen to become the most powerful woman in the Las Vegas crime world, but she’s hiding a secret that will rock the city to its foundations. She thought she’d made her peace with her demons until the man she’d loved and lost, arrives in Vegas to kill her.

Forced to confront a past long dead and buried, Selene must decide whether to allow him into her dark world and trust him with her secrets. Her enemies are closing in, someone wants her dead, but will Shadow fulfil the contract or betray his agency to save her life, knowing it may cost him his own…

Heather 5

5 Stars!!
What is a man to do when he loses the love of his life?? Shadow is a hitman and has no problem being the best at his job. When he is contracted out to Vegas for a job he has no problem taking it. I mean its Vegas who would have an issue going there. Well Shadow didn’t until he lays his eyes on someone who he thought died years ago. Now this is where the story picks up the pace… What is Shadow to do? Kill the woman who has always had his heart, or go against his agency and possibly become a mark himself? Their story is not easy and the deception that lies between these pages will have you on the edge of your seat screaming for more.
You need to hop on this roller coaster of twists and turns to see just how this story pans out. There is action, a tad bit of deception, and lets not forget the mystery and suspense. The ending will leave you needing more!



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Meet The Author

W.J Saunders writes contemporary romance, dark romance and romantic suspense. She also writes supernatural romantic suspense under the name Wendy Saunders and is the author of the popular dark fantasy series, The Guardians.

She currently resides in Hampshire in the UK with her husband and three children. A hopeless romantic and an eternal optimist, she also loves history and mythology. An eclectic reader and avid dreamer she has far too many quirks and oddities to list. But if you ever run into her, she’s very friendly and loves to chat, especially when it comes to all things writing. However, be warned, once she starts talking its getting her get to shut up that’s the trick.


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