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I thrived on revenge.

My mate crashed into my life when I least expected it, and I did everything I could to protect her—but it wasn’t enough. Her throat was slit in front of me, and my world collapsed.

I went rogue, determined to get my revenge until a certain captivating witch put me under her spell, uprooting my entire plan.


If there was one thing I hated more than other witches, it was werewolves.

They were primal, disgusting, murderous creatures responsible for my parent’s death.

To add salt to the wound, my coven banished me when I needed them most.

I’d been content practicing magic, isolated in the forest for years until a certain arrogant werewolf broke in, uprooting the quaint life I’d made for myself.

Even worse, he made me fall for him. How could I love someone whose kind I vowed to destroy?


Harlow and Xavier are true soulmates. In this sweet love story we get to see how these two crash into each other and discover the true meaning of the word soulmate. Harlow is a sweet young lady who treated as an outcast within her coven. Xavier is a rogue wolf who witnessed his first mate being murdered. Hell bent on revenge he comes crashing into Harlow’s life when it was least expected. There is some action, mystery, and of course the hot and spicy times between these two. Follow along as these two realize what it means to find true love and get the revenge they both so desperately deserve.


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Meet Lyra

Lyra Winters is a twenty-something Kentucky woman who adores the book world. When she’s not typing away on her laptop or daydreaming book ideas, Lyra is occupying her time taking care of her two spunky daughters and dreamy husband. She’s addicted to Coca-Cola, 2000s rap music, and bubble baths. Her dream is to write love stories that touch the reader’s hearts.

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