New Release + Review: Here Lies A Saint by C.L. Matthews


Here Lies a Saint by C.L. Matthews is LIVE!

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Being rich is great until you become the saint of Arcadia.




They call me a saint, but if they knew the lies, the fallacies,

and what truths I hide, I’d be labeled a proclaimed sinner.

I lie, do all the bad deeds, especially if it does right by her.

She’s the darkness but also the light.

He’s my downfall but also my redemption.

Two opposites, but somehow everything I’ve fought for.

Earning her, saving him, it’s all I can think of.

Saint or sinner, I’ll win her.

Death or life, I’ll protect him.

Truth or lie, I’ll save them.

Arcadia isn’t prepared for the war its wrought.

Good thing I’m a fighter.

No one said I’d bow down to an unworthy king.

Heather 5

WTF C.L.! WTF!!! I just can not deal right now. My mind is a jumbled mess of emotions. I will say you have one hell of a devious mind.
What a tangled web of lies and deceit. We pick up right where the first book leaves off. We are still following the mystery of what actually happened to Cassidy, but we get more back stories of some of the other major players in this twisted mind game.
Colt has been through so much in such a short amount of time. This girl is my new favorite heroine of all time. Not only does she have no less than 7 guys vying for her attention in some way shape or form, but she has huge brass balls. She takes everything that they throw at her and she rolls with it. Now what I mean by this is there are a lot of different angles being played, and she absorbs any and all information she can. She is such a strong young lady and so far from being the senseless twit that some mistake her for. I for one can not wait until she realizes just how much power she actually has!
Now for all of her admirers…. I am not going to spill the beans on them, because well there are a lot of beans! I will say
Now C.L. Matthews how long do I have to wait to get the next juicy book in this series. I mean I need answers like right now, and the ending to this book has me salivating for more!



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C.L. Matthews lives in lala-landia with her husband and invisible friends. She wants to riot the lack thereof authentic Mexican food in her state, but she’s an introvert at heart. She enjoys tacos, Red Bull, and warm water because she’s crazy. She’s an oddball, and realizes it’s been mentioned before, just go with it. Her joys in life consist of writing unconventional romances, making book covers, causing havoc to her reader’s hearts, and genre-hopping when she needs a change of scenery. She’s a special kind of weird and enjoys every moment of it.





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