New Release + Review: Peterson’s Debt by Audrey Ravine


Peterson’s Debt, the third book in Audrey Ravine’s Healing Series is live!

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Dr. Nova McDaniel has spent her life becoming the best emergency room doctor in Georgia, but when her estranged, gambling addicted father, and only living relative, dies leaving her the childhood house that haunts her dreams she has to figure out her next move. Especially now, with her dad’s Russian mobster friends hounding her to pay off her dead dad’s debt.

Liam Peterson has spent his life fighting for the land of the free as an Army Ranger, and more recently a private security contractor, running from the nightmares of his past.

When a chance meeting with a beautiful, fiery redhead brings his demons racing to the surface, he’s faced with one of the hardest decisions he’s ever had to make.

Will he take on Nova’s debt as his own or will the past keep him from opening himself up to the possibility of a future brighter than the dark haze he’s condemned himself to.

Peterson’s Debt is a story about two people overcoming the past to brave the future.

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Heather’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

I will start off by saying Audrey is the queen of the slow burn romance.
In Peterson’s Debt we get Liam and Nova’s story. Their story is a complicated one since they have both been severely hurt in their pasts.
Nova has returned to her childhood home to deal with a family situation only to find out there is more going on than she anticipated. She has some personal issues that stem back to her childhood that make it hard for her to let anyone in. Her feelings of always feeling inadequate has really taken over her personal life in more ways than one.
Liam is an old friend of Zac and Trey’s. Liam has lost someone he loved while in the military, and has never really dealt with all of his feelings. When he meets a young lady who is need of his assistance he steps right up. Question is when the time comes will be be able to let her in and explain to her why his need to protect her is so strong.
Their relationship starts out platonic, but as it usually goes things change. What neither one of them can see is just how they are made for each other. Or I should say what neither one can handle is the feelings they develop for each other. They forget that communication is key, and a misunderstanding could be their demise.
The reason for the 4 stars….
I did enjoy the story, but it started out kinda slow for me when it picks up it is really a heartfelt beautiful story.


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Audrey currently lies in Washington DC with her husband and three small children. She is a baseball fanatic that teaches ninth grade history when she’s not playing chauffeur, maker of meals, keeper of the schedule, kisser of boo boos, or couch cuddler.

Audrey strives to add a laugh and a little lust to your day with her entertaining, slightly sad, stories and characters. Many of them have to adapt and overcome many challenges along the road to happiness- like who of us doesn’t.







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